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This is a multi-fandom AU of The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Teen Wolf. We accept OC characters and are in need of Canon's! We are also Guest Friendly, having a section where Guests can: Be a part of Polls for future events, Ask Questions, etc.!
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Welcome to the grand opening of Everything Has Changed! <3 We accept OC's and anything can go with your character because this is an AU based RP site (Canons as well)!!
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 Changes - The Site Vs. The Shows

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Lydia Martin

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PostSubject: Changes - The Site Vs. The Shows   Sun Jun 28, 2015 6:36 am

There are quite a few changes here on EHC that I would like to Apoint out, so please read through this.

Teen Wolf Changes:

1.  Allison Argent is a Main Canon on the site, and I have planned her to be one of the Dread Doctor's experiments. She has lost all of her memories of Scott McCall and the others, in order to help aid the Dread Doctors in achieving their goals. She is Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid of the Doctors own creation and isn't like other Hybrids. Scott and his friends are not aware that she is alive at the moment.

2. Jackson Whittemore had come back to America, but did not return to Beacon Hills until recently, with Caroline Forbes and the rest of her company. He had actually claimed a will by his biological parents whom which partially owned Whittemore College, in Virginia and had gained a free college education. He became friends with Caroline and the others, learning about the existence of Vampires as well as Witches and other Supernatural beings. Jackson is now currently helping Caroline, protecting Scott and the others from the Doctors.

3. The Doctors will not be considered Teen Wolf Main Canons. Instead, they will be classified in a different category on the Canon List, along with their 'experiments'.

The Vampire Diaries:

1. Katherine Pierce never took the first cure, meaning she is not, and is still a Vampire. However, Kai casted a spell on her daylight bracelet, meaning she can't walk out in the daylight until she gets a new piece of daylight jewelery.

2. Liv, Luke, and the rest of the Gemini coven managed to survive Kai's attack on Jo's and Alaric's wedding, also meaning Tyler did not awaken his Werewolf gene. Instead, Tyler did not die by Marcos, and was never possessed by the Traveler. He is still a Hybrid of Vampire and Werewolf.

3. The first cure, which is in the hands of Caroline, was given to her by Elena. Currently, Caroline is not sure about taking the cure. or getting rid of it.

4.Kai, along with the rest of the Gemini Coven, is still alive. He is a vampire-siphon. His brain had been fried by Luke, Liv, and their father, destroying all of his past memories of what he had done. He is now a protagonist, and has went with Bonnie Bennett to New Orleans.

The Originals:

1. Esther managed to stay alive after killing Dahlia and has made peace with her children, learning that her old ways were full of evil intent. She is now currently aiding in the war against Divina Claire.

2. Isaac Lahey (from Teen Wolf), had been taken over by Kol Mikaelson for a short period of time, however, Kol who sided with Niklaus, had found a way to be put back in his original Vampire body with the help of Davina, however Finn killed him by casting a spell on him that obliterated his heart from the inside. Isaac, not remembering anything that has happened to him, has now become an ally of Divina's hoping she would be able to restore the memories he had lost (He lost his memories of everyone in Beacon Hills, not remembering who had turned him into a Werewolf either.
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Changes - The Site Vs. The Shows
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