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This is a multi-fandom AU of The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Teen Wolf. We accept OC characters and are in need of Canon's! We are also Guest Friendly, having a section where Guests can: Be a part of Polls for future events, Ask Questions, etc.!
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Welcome to the grand opening of Everything Has Changed! <3 We accept OC's and anything can go with your character because this is an AU based RP site (Canons as well)!!
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 Everything Has Changed - Plot

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Lydia Martin

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PostSubject: Everything Has Changed - Plot   Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:42 am

Mystic Falls, the once quiet peaceful town in Virginia, has now become a desolate, fragile place, destroyed by the supernatural. It had happened a few days after the Petrova Doppleganger, Elena Gilbert was placed in a hibernated state after having taken the cure, which was Kai Parker's (An enemy of Elena Gilbert and her friends) doing. Three strange beings, known as 'The Doctors' have taken DNA strands of each and every single supernatural being in Mystic Falls, including Elena's closest friends. Their DNA was used in order for some type of unknown experimentation that the Doctors have been perfecting for years, and have found rather interesting results with the strands of DNA that they have gathered. They unfortunately could not acquire a DNA sample of Elena Gilbert, needing hers specifically for another terrifyingly unknown reason. Caroline Forbes and the others, despite their attempts to permanently put down the Doctors, did manage to uncover a list of their enemy's next possible target. Bonnie Bennett, using her magic in order to locate the Doctor's next victims, had used a powerful locator spell, had learned that the people on the list were located in two different locations. One in Beacon Hills, California, and the other group of people in New Orleans, Louisiana, who Bonnie and the others knew there were the infamous Mikaelsons - the Original Vampires. Knowing just even more serious the situation was Bonnie and some of the others left for New Orleans, while Caroline and another group had gone to Beacon Hills, trying to find the group of people there as well.

In Beacon Hills, where the Doctors had went next, along with Caroline and the others, Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Kira Yukimura, Malia Tate (who had recently legally changed her last name to Hale), and Lydia Martin had reluctantly managed to stay alive from monstrous Deadpool and successfully made to their Senior year in High School. However, new problems have risen for them, challenging them more than ever. Scott's old elementary school, Theo Raeken, has come back to Beacon Hills, looking for a Pack. He learns that Scott is a True Alpha, and has asked to join the Pack. Unfortunately, Scott's friends are wary of Theo, for they do not really know him enough to trust him (Except for Stiles, who doesn't trust him because of rather personal reasons Theo has done to him in the past). Plus, with Caroline and her group their, the presence of Vampires has rather shifted their knowledge of the supernatural, making them think that they didn't actually know much, and with the Doctors unleashing one of their experiments in an attempt to take Scott's and his pack's DNA, and kill anyone in order to do so, Dr. Deaton believes that the supernatural is not as vivid as he had originally thought, saying "the Rules have changed." Lydia Martin, who is the only Banshee left in Beacon Hills, has also had a lot of shifts with her Banshee powers, becoming a lot more stronger than what they were originally last several occasions she had when facing against their enemies. Deaton also has a theory, but he believes that the Doctors are trying to gain DNA not just for some small experiment, but for something so dark that could destroy the world they know.

As for Bonnie, and the others that went with her to New Orleans, they meet up with the Mikaelson Family, learning quite a lot about what has happened to the powerful family. Bonnie and her company learn that Niklaus are at war with a certain Witch named Divina Claire - A harvest girl Witch who has enormous power by becoming the leader of all the Witches in New Orleans. She named Niklaus and his comrades enemies for not keeping their promise to bring back Kol Mikaelson, whom she had come back to life only to be killed by his brother Finn whom he betrayed. Niklaus, being the man he is, has sworn to help Bonnie defeat the Doctors, as long as she and her company help bring down Divina first, but Bonnie fears that if the Doctors make their way here, it will be the end of everything as they know it.

The Doctors keep growing in power with each strand of DNA they take, from one supernatural to the other. There are many negative and positive possibilities with the Supernatural, but with this new enemy on the rise, bring chaos where ever they go. They willing to make everything change ... and who's to say it already hasn't? ...
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Everything Has Changed - Plot
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