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This is a multi-fandom AU of The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Teen Wolf. We accept OC characters and are in need of Canon's! We are also Guest Friendly, having a section where Guests can: Be a part of Polls for future events, Ask Questions, etc.!
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Welcome to the grand opening of Everything Has Changed! <3 We accept OC's and anything can go with your character because this is an AU based RP site (Canons as well)!!
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 Lydia Martin

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Lydia Martin

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PostSubject: Lydia Martin   Fri Jul 03, 2015 8:04 pm

Lydia Marie Martin

' B a s i c s

Nickname/s | None
DOB | February 18th, 1997
Age | 18
Sexuality | heterosexual
Occupation | High School Student
Canon or Original | Canon

' Supernaturals Only

Species | Banshee
Special Abilities | Can sense that someone is going to die (She usually knows who it is), she can use objects to hear the voices of the dead, can find dead bodies (She normally doesn't realize it though until she finds the body), when she screams someone is either about to die, someone does actually die, or it could mean death is close.

' A p p e a r a n c e

Overall Appearance | Lydia Martin is a young teenage girl, who can be spotted easily with her red strawberry blond hair. She also occasionally wears high heels, and is definitely into fashion, meaning she wears a lot of designer's clothing. At first glance, she may not seem too bright, but is actually very intelligent. She is even currently taking college prep courses in hopes of getting accepted into Stafford University.

' P e r s o n a l i t y

Sky Blue
Likes |

    ' one - Fashion' two - Shopping' three - Science' four - Cute Boys

Dislikes |

    ' one - Her powers' two - Feeling useless' three - People not using common logic' four -


    ' one - Can't will her powers to work' two - doesn't know a lot about what she can do with her powers' three - Tends to be in danger a lot' four - Hears voices in her head

Habits |

    ' one - Tends to find dead bodies' two - Loves to go shopping' three - Hides her intelligence' four - Tends to have a smartmouth without knowing occasionally' five - Screams when someone dies or when death is really close by.

 fears | Her Powers, dying ( and her friends dying), Not getting accepted into Stafford University, Wearing cheap clothing
Goals/dreams | Getting accepted to Stafford University, Not dealing with the Supernatural anymore, Hopes to leave Beacon Hills, Hopes to stay in touch with Stiles and the others after graduating
Overall Personality | Lydia is a very smart young, however she doesn't really show her intellect with strangers that often, unless she gets to know them more. She is also very intuitive, mostly because of her powers, being a Banshee. However, most of the time, she doesn't even realize what she has done until afterwards. She can be a smartmouth to people who deserve it, rather than her doing it to everyone like she used to.

' H i s t o r y

Birthplace | Beacon Hills, Califormia
Mother | Natalie Martin
Father | David Martin (divorced Lydia's mother)
Siblings | Madison Martin (OC Canon and younger sister), Caleb Martin (OC Canon and older brother)
Other Relations | Lorraine Martin (Grandmother, deceased)
Overall history | Lydia Martin has been dealing with the supernatural ever since she had been bitten by Peter Hale, and had begun to hear voices in her head and have visions of Peter Hale within her sleep and while being awake as well. For a short while, she was thought to be the Kanima that was once terrorizing Beacon Hills, however it turns out that Jackson Whittemore was actually the Kanima. Jackson and Lydia were dating their freshman and sophomore year of High School, however after Jackson had completed his shifting into a Werewolf with the Help of Scott McCall and his friends, he left for London in hopes to find his parents, breaking up with Lydia.

With last few School years, Lydia has been dealing with the Supernatural and learned to deal with it a lot better than she used to. She had been in a lot of deadly situations, due to her being a Banshee, a supernatural being known to sense death. Ever since she had learned that she wasn't exactly human, she had made a hard copy of the supernatural bestiary that the Argent Family once possessed, and has used it to try and understand her powers. However, she did not really get a lot of information about a Banshee's capabilities.

Lydia is currently now a Senior at Beacon Hills High School, trying to cope after the effects of the Deadpool, however she has gained an ominous feeling that things are not over with the Supernatural for now, that things are just going to get worse, and she could never be more right than before.

' O u t o f C h a r a c t e r

RP Sample:

Lydia was sitting on her, reading over her application to Stafford University while also finishing up her summer homework for her classes this year. She was happy that she and the others were about to graduate and be done with High School. She would be able to have more of a challenge with her college courses at Stafford, if she gets accepted, of course. She was worried that things may not turn out the way she wanted, but she was still determined to apply for a prestigious university and nothing was going to stop her, not even Stiles, her one her friends who had a vision of him, her, and the others staying together after High School. I mean, she'd like to, but at the same time she wanted to live her own life and was wanting to have her own personal college experience, no offence to others.

Suddenly, Lydia's cell phone began to ring, letting her know she had an incoming call on her phone, then suddenly, a loud displeasant sound shot out from her phone, making Lydia jump, then the lights went out. Lydia, just sitting there, in somewhat of shock, was breathed in and out and she said, "Calm down, Lydia. It's just a poweroutage because of the thunderstorm," Lydia said, and then she heard a loud bang from her window, making her jump again. The curtains were covering the window, blocking the view, not permitting Lydia to see what had made such a loud sound. She walked over to the window slowly, breathing in and out still. She grabbed the curtain slowly, and then pulled it back in a swift motion. Nothing was there, but Lydia didn't move from the window. She heard something from the outside, something unexplained. She put her head closer to the window, trying to listen better to the voice she was hearing. Once she heard the voice, she gasped, and then screamed.

Hello my name is DJ. If you do the math I have been alive for 21 years Which means I have been Rping for 5 years. I have heard of this site from My Mind <3 . If you would like to contact me you can do so via PM.

This Application was created by Strawberry Jam of Caution 2.0.
Inspiration comes from the many that are out there.
DO NOT remove this credit otherwise rabid and wild monkeys
will surround you while you watch Barney and Friends.
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Lydia Martin

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PostSubject: Re: Lydia Martin   Tue Jul 07, 2015 3:50 am


Welcome to Everything Has Changed!
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Lydia Martin
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